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3 Phases of the Moon

Brandy, Angie, & Crystal

Each phase of the moon represents its journey on the path to full illumination. Each phase has equal importance, yet brings forth its own energy and purpose. You may be asking, “Why only THREE phases of the moon?” We are three women, sharing in mind and heart, our very separate but equal paths towards enlightenment. Discussing a wide range of topics, our goal is to create COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS between ALL LEVELS of the spiral path – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Since we all perceive things differently based on where we are at on the spiral, this can sometimes create separation and misunderstandings within our own communities. Our purpose is to bring light to and start conversations that will bring about UNITY and COMMUNITY. Thank you! To follow Crystal: www.thehealinghousellc.com.To follow Brandy: www.SoothsayersAria.com To follow Angie: www.angiewhitsel.com

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